About Shiatsu​


Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese healing art that works with the same energy pathways and points as acupuncture, but using fingers instead of needles. It's often said to combine the benefits of acupuncture and massage. Shiatsu takes place fully clothed on a futon on the floor.

It can be deeply relaxing or wonderfully enlivening - or both! In either case, you'll probably feel more grounded and 'joined up' after the session. Shiatsu can meet your needs on an emotional and soulful, as well as purely physical, level. Whilst helping you de-stress or relax your sore neck, a session will also help you integrate all aspects of yourself and leave you more ready to take on the challenges in your life.

Read more about shiatsu, and watch a short video, here.

"Simon's shiatsu is for me calm, focused and really seems to shift and transform whatever is going on for me in a positive way. Simon offers me the safe, male nurturing touch that was lacking in my early life. He continues to be a major source of support both physically and emotionally while I am dealing with a recent cancer diagnosis."  


K.H. (Shiatsu Practitioner/Performer/Facilitator)

“Simon has an intelligent and calm nature with a pair of strong hands which focus on economical and controlled movements for maximum benefit. He almost intuitively zones in on the sources of one’s aches and pains. I have chronic pain and need help managing it. Through Simon, I’ve experienced how the hands-on approach of Shiatsu can free blocked energy to relieve pain and believe his skill and personality are well-suited to being an effective and reputable healing practitioner. I would recommend you try him...”

R.A. (Service Designer/Bicycle Mechanic)

"I feel so much better in my energy since your shiatsu yesterday, my shoulder much freer too. Thank you!"

A.T. (Shiatsu Practitioner/Doula)