Simon Van der Linde (MRSS)

Simon trained in shiatsu with the Bristol School of Shiatsu, graduating in 2015, and then completed his qigong teacher training with The Shiatsu College in 2019. He is a professional Member of the Shiatsu Society (MRSS) and has professional indemnity insurance. 


Raised on an edifying diet of Quaker meetings, country dancing and Bruce Lee, Simon stumbled upon tai chi and qigong in young adulthood and knew it was a bit special. After not having a sick day off work for SIX YEARS, he figured there was something to this 'qi' business and vowed to do something useful with it. Enter shiatsu.

After further qigong training with the inimitable Nicola Ley in Leigh Woods, Simon realised that Bristol's yoga-qigong balance urgently needed addressing and embarked on his qigong teacher training. 

Simon approaches both activities with a winning mixture of sensitivity, strength and wit.